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I believe the SH review is due to be announced before the end of the month. Mutterings are that pilots won't be too surprised? Who knows if that's accurate?
That seems to be the gist of it. Other departments will most likely bear the brunt. The biggest hit for SH pilots would be a pay cap at LHR to match LGW. But everything is conjecture.

One thing is for certain, SH pilots cannot work any harder, and more to the point SH cannot improve its balance sheet unless BA sort out the dysfunctional and frankly ridiculous working practices and inefficiencies of the many working groups and logistics systems that are the hallmarks of the airbus operation out of LHR.

The biggest single reason we still have an in-house SH operation (any other legacy airlines recruiting into their SH arm?) is that BA are actually not very good at running an efficient and profitable SH airline, and never have been. That is what is about to change, as IAG now run the show. Long Haul is and will continue to be THE part of BA that is desirable to work for from a pay/work life balance. Overall BA is still a good gig. But only really if LH is your bag and you don't mind spending 10-15 years building seniority to enjoy the best it has to offer.
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