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BA offers a top drawer package in the UK. Always did, still does.

I was lucky not to get into BA and instead get into EZY because the last decade has been the glory years of share windfalls and short commands and ready base transfers. That is probably somewhat over as the business matures.

My reason for posting is to make only the following point. Housing costs within 90mins of LHR (and LGW) have risen from silly to breathtaking compared to the UK regions whilst the direction of travel on tax is that high earners are going to be vigorously milked harder including their pensions. So. If you can live in the regions (or abroad) like many EZY and also many BA crew manage then that is a Good Thing.

BA top dollar money against a nice house within 90 mins of LHR will probably leave less disposable income than Jet2 top dollar money and a nice house within 90 mins of Leeds when applying the tax regime of 2019.

It might be sweet to be a BA 777 pilot and live in Leeds or an EZY Captain and live in Leeds. What might become less pleasant is a BA pilot stuck for a long time on short haul in LHR or an EZY Captain stuck in LGW.

Tax and house prices are becoming game changers sadly. That 2m family house in Maidenhead might be consuming 13,000 a year 'mansion tax' of that final salary pension within the next couple of years...
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