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Make no mistake, our regulatory authority and it's political and bureaucratic minions are a cancer on the aviation industry. It appears it can't be cut out so it is terminal. Dick once said, before you can fix CAsA it has to be destroyed first. Just like cancer. So when we have a patient with a terminal illness, caused by incompetence and corruption of power, at the highest level, the best accepted medical therapy is to keep the patient positive, give hope where it's possible, and pray for a miracle. Nobody but the callous, (yes they live amongst us), would suggest to the patient, get over it, that he just accept the diagnosis, don't explore every avenue of cure, don't attempt to stop others from suffering the same fate and prepare himself for death. And God help us if the patient has to rely upon some organization that should have been looking after his interests in the first place to fight for him in his dying days. Some of these irritating individual splinters of the original compromised representative body's hold no aces that will help anybody in this game and pandering to them gives them faux credibility that eventually comes back as their ideas.

A pox on them all.

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