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If I have to come up there -

OI ! – Knock it off; Lefty was only expressing what many in industry think: defining the sense of helplessness when much needed change seemed within strike; that now is being not only denied, but wilfully withheld. CASA are Toast, they know it, we know it. ATSB is basket case; they know it, we know it. Every fool in the market place knows it; except the flamin' minuscule responsible for it.

Truss is sitting in a 'Budda' like trance, fiddling (with the gods only know what) while Rome burns.

It was never, not ever, going to be easy to get a government to admit it was wrong, hired the wrong man and then threw great wads of money at the 'problem - to try and fix it; and lost the bet, big time (with big industry bucks; bye the bye).

Minuscule – not every one wants "government money" : we will be shortly witnessing a holocaust – and YOU Sir, pressed the button.

Sack the Murky Machiavellian crew; hire an "administrator" to clean up the unholy mess CASA is in; appoint an experienced deputy for "Airline" and an expert deputy for "GA" (bless Mike Smith, poor sod), remove the artificial, self serving barricades and be known as the man who saved Australian aviation.

It's a piece of cake – just stop buggering about with the clerical staff and start listening to those with blood, sweat and years of tears invested in the industry. Believe me, there is more wisdom in a country aero club about 'matters aeronautical' than you will find in the self serving "department" of smoke and mirrors.

Good first post Lefty – you nicely capture industry 'angst', next step resistance. Tell 'em stick 61 where the sun don't shine, take it away and only bring it back when it is acceptable and comprehensible to industry. We did, when all said and done; pay for the wretched thing.

Now then Wodger 2 – bugger off and fix it, IT IS (as are all current antics) UNACCEPTABLE.


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