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a reminder that it is only 2 weeks to estimates so now would be a good time to start lobbying your favourite Senators...
For what purpose? This thread always seems to be about the next great thing that will finally get CASA sorted out..Senate Inquiries (plural) Estimates,Truss review,TSB reports now more estimates.

There is ample evidence of CASA incompetence Part 61 being just the latest example. The ATSB has been put into its bureaucratic place by its Commissioner and his competency has been questioned by the Senate. The independent review by the TSB has been neutered.

I don't have any answers, just concerns about what will be required to have this situation changed. I once thought that the Senate was the solution but the limits of the power of the Senate have been successfully exposed by those who know how to play the game.

Nobody in the political sphere or the public domain, outside of the aviation
industry, could care less. As long as they get their cheap flights or Qantas Club membership they don't consider that a problem exists.
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