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Are our skies for sale or safety?

...could be both. Can Harmony & Unity be the adopted approach to a "new culture" (buzz word of the year) between the Aviation Industry and the Gov. Sure it can.
Tell 'em they're dreamin'. So far seems to have worked. But as an important, integral part of our countrys' function, Aviation is a massive clog in the wheel of momentum, which sadly, in my humble opinion, has been kicked in the guts. Too many times it seems.

With Fair Comment as my intent and no motivation for harm to another's name or title.
Just a plea. Voices to be heard, justice, fairness and harmony to be the catalyst that creates the cultural change so desperately needed within an incredibly important industry for our country.

The voices can be heard, the minds have submitted, committees reviewed, Senate Recommendations ignored.
The "Independent" review the Canadians did. Which I was told, needs to be edited and I was referred to the ATSB.
Albos white paper

Aviation is LINKED to so very much.
Such as:
Transport of the travelling public
Small business

Almost everyone is affected with aviation. Safety and a portal between industry and Gov needs to be established.
A unity of dedicated, competent people striving for the best possible outcome of safety and business success. Standing by moral ethics.
Having the ICC within the same department as CASA, makes no sense. No offence intended.
Perhaps just a thought to thy one in thy fort???

Observation, reading facts, conversations and comprehending the enormity of the problem regarding Australian Aviation Safety, Regulation, Investigation and cost to the smaller businesses, takes my breath away.
If I can see so clearly the issues, I must ask the question. Why hasn't my own Government addressed this?
Especially as I have pleaded with them numerous times with the same rehearsed response. The coldness in the voices that were suppose to protect us has been frosty. The concern afterwards, puppetry, thunderbird style. Assistance. Zip. Just five years of many, many unanswered questions.
I didn't vote because I pondered and thought "why"? I lay here in pain after surgery from the crash. From what I've absorbed within and outside the walls of the house, is drowned out by incompetence. Paid the fine though. Your welcome.
The Statutory Rights for CASA in 96. Catch up time maybe? Compare your phone and the technology. Compare small business and overseas takeovers constructing Monopolies from 96. Big difference. Yep, thought so.

Another call, most recent, to DP dept. Oct 14.

Usual blurb. Canadian autumn, end of year...

I ask something along the lines of...

That is too long for a report, why?
Why is the Canadian report being edited by CASA and ATSB?
Is that Independent?
You are the department of the skies. Can't you hear the Industry?
I'm a Nurse. I can hear them.

Along the lines of:
Oh, how are you
Not good
Who is the insurer
Don't know. It's not about that.
When is your matter?
Who cares? I have not fought just for money, but for this to never happen again.
What stabs me in the stomach each day is the injustice and nil assistance from my own Government. When I see the photo of Truss and Sharp (ex-Tpt Mini) CEO REX/Pel-Air, holding hands cutting a cake in the shape of an aeroplane, near where NGA (yes, Pel-Air Jet) broke on impact. Churns my stomach every day. This should never happen to another. (As man in the back of the room clears throat, no really!)
Why aren't you listening to the Industry?
This is so unAustralian, it makes me sad.

Ok, well, like we said, the reports will be out. Roger that. Blah-static. Out.

If this continues, the era will be known as so close, yet the fort of Aviation held up by those that choose to ignore facts triumph.
That, my dear friends here, fellow nurses, pilots, doctors, paramedics, agricultural, small aviation business, passenger transport.
Royal Attention needed maybe?
Who knows?

Oh yeah, the Aviation Industry Does.

Q&abc: Interested? WT, TA, MM, AA, MD, JM & just to add some spice, EH.
An audience with industry.

Compromise, awareness and facing the cyclic and added current issues is a challenge needed. Scrap the statutory "rights". Listen to the industry and learn from the bloody mistakes made.

It's an embarrassment.

As today is/was Labor Day. Which represents the essence of why impetus momentum can create change, calmly. I thought a gentle reminder to this side necessary, or maybe the other side of the middle could challenge.

Aviation safety and regulation needs experts with integrity as such a specialised field, connects to so many other variables. As mentioned.

I believe, at least some very important questions need to be asked?


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