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And for balance, from the same Sandiland's Weblog
  1. Comparing professional military air traffic controllers to terrorists and fools is just absurd, in the most extreme way. Ben, you’re on track again to poll strongly in the annual ‘Australia’s Worst Journalist’ Award, to which you are a consistent contender. Well done, blogger.
    You got to feel for these young ATCs, ADATS (AIR 5186) was commissioned in 2000, 59 months late and not fully integrated with the civilian ATC system, and it seems like it still isn’t. What’s worse, is that Defence planned to replace ADATS under AIR 5431 in 2010-12, promising a system that was nationally integrated. Meanwhile, traffic has increased, and with the elimination of personnel (Flight Data Operators) to assist in managing the integration issues, these ATCs are being set-up for failure. I guess it’s cheaper to flog your horse harder than buy a new plough, and you get more votes buying Super Hornets than ATC Computer Systems.
    ghostwhowalksnz – Up at 5:34am advising the world how to be more Kiwi. Bless your woolly socks.
    Dan Dair – Great points, but with standard ATC licenses, should bring standard ATC pay scales. But then you get retention issues, and degrade military experience levels.
    Confirmed Sceptic – You were cleared for take-off with an amended STAR? You want to try that story again? Holding for 2 minutes? Did they not know who you were?
    ianjohnno – Maybe instead of inhibiting deletion of the emails, they could just fix the military system? You don’t deal with these issues on the civilian system.
    julius grafton – Mate, you have been holding onto that grudge for 15 years, it must feel good to finally talk about it.
    comet – Some very good observations there, it certainly doesn’t look like Melbourne Approach. Google ‘TAAATS’ for a comparison. Worlds apart.
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