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Hi all,
I've Been through the assesment today, sim was non standard departure rwy hdg until 4dme then interception of QDM of the VOR. Then handling Skills, turns, accellerations, decelerations, climbs, descents...
After that we had a suspected bomb onboard, and we asked for vectors to the ils (Sometimes atc will answer that vectors are not available). When aligned on final course, atc advised me that GS may not work properly (5 miles before interception) so we rushed onto an alternate procédure just in case (i reviewed to my teamate what to do if the GS fails...)
My partner got almost the same Flight. No tricky stuffs.

The interview was about myself, why ryanair, which bases would i choose, why me, we talked a lot about my curent job. It was in a very relaxed atmosphère.
A few questions about FMA, PFD, avionics generally speaking. That' it

I really enjoyed this day. We've learned a lot of interresting things. The other guys were from all over Europe, from différent Flight schools, some of them were modulars, others were integrated students.
All the informations you need are already written on this thread, we all had something Similar with the feedbacks we can read here.

So now Wait and see, i will keep you informed.
I hope it will help you anyway.
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