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One pilot in BA taking home 20k per month?
As has been said, ...but OK, it might just be one....

I guess if a senior pilot (top pay point, possibly a trainer) had a very very good month with payable work/back pay, and wasn't exposed to much UK tax that sort of figure might just be possible once in a blue moon but it sure as heck wouldn't be the norm.

Am I remembering rightly that the IR seemed to create/change legislation in such a way that it seemed like it was exclusively targeting flight crew commuters who were able to previously minimise their UK tax exposure whilst working for UK Airlines?
FWIW if the pilot is a non UK resident it might be worth considering there may well be "income tax" to pay on that income in the country of residence so the bottom Right Hand corner of the UK pay statement might look good but it might not tell the full story

I suspect the normal senior mortals resident in the UK might see half that if they were very lucky, on a good month....

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