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Yu are the only Un ....

It would be a shame to lose this man (well, more of an overgrown little boy, and a pre-pubescent boy at that), the only one of his shape in his entire country. One wonders if among his other remarkable and widely reported accomplishments he is able to sing in the soprano register, just going by appearances. Too, there is his reform program, as reported here by one alert reader.

First we had the way we American imperialists started the Korean War just to beat up on the Kimster's grandpappy, as reported here at some length. Now it seems that the Swiss are trying to do away with the poor little guy himself, turning him into some sort of inverted human fondue, such that if he cuts himself shaving now, Emmentaler oozes out.

We seem to know so much about the rest of the happenings in the Worker's Paradise Mk. II (that island in the Antilles which must not be named as WP Mk. I, of course) but how's that mysteriously almost unknown reform program of his working out, John? We haven't heard much from you lately about your rotund little pal and his hopes and dreams for his country, making progress one relative at a time. Have you not made it back to the Mongolian Bar to check out the happenings recently, or is it that there's no real change in the situation: the brutal dictatorship, the widespread starvation, the network of camps and all that boring stuff made up by imperialists? Make with some more insights, please!
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