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Norwegian recruiting cadets!!!

A.jg my comment starts with " do not take Offense but I'll take it with a pinch of salt " ,is it that difficult ? I'll Second Valepilot comments,we're discussing NTR.If that's the case,of the process being closed,I can't prove it. But why should anyone believe a anonymous poster?I haven't heard back from them,when it's official ,then we'll close the book.Untill then ,your comment is a valid as anyone else here.You saw the emails ?Wow!!well,nobody else here did....yeah,need some growing up pal. We will take into consideration your contribution ,although I'm sorry to say it just doesn't make sense.The application still open,and from what I heard there are many more positions than what you state.Only time will tell.Congratulations in any case to your friends.
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