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I don't understand why I would be tricking you.

I'm not making it up at all. I can tell you that two close friends went to the interview last week in Oslo, and both of them got the job offer yesterday for starting the course on November.

I saw the email from both of them. I'm not that kind of people who is losing time here to bullshit you.

The last comment was wondering if anyone have info about the recruitment. Well, I have, and when I share it with you, you believe this is not true. Oh well done damn ass,

They were told that they called 60 applicants and they will hire 36. They have scheduled 3 courses of 12 people each.

This is what it is. As my friends say, I didn't the no, but I know this process is done.

@Vale Pilot @Anunaki

Does is worth to be ironic in the forum, and let yourselves show everyone how ridiculous you could be? Weren't you wondering what is happening with the process and is not worth to be thankful to someone who knows what's going on?

Grow up pals
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