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@Ian W

Why not include pax in a 'CRM' type prebrief.
As one of the SLF simpletons I would very much love this kind of inclusion into the problem, IF there is a problem.

So, this will be a post from an SLF kind of view.

Be aware that I am the kind of SLF that always make an effort to listen to CC during safety briefings and I am highly annoyed by ignorants. Alas, I try to get into the mindset that IF something were to happen at least I have some kind of planning ability and IF the excrements were to come in contact with the air conditioning system I could maybe be of some use to CC, if just only as someone who DON'T open a door. I hope you get the gist.

Yes, there is always the problem of rowdy, unruly and just plain stupid SLF. But if there is at least one with some common sense and survival instincts that person could be a great help in case of the aforementioned manure. Thus it really helps to include us pax in the briefing. Hopefully the briefing will have a sobering effect on the more.. wild persons in the cabin, too.

Ok, back to lurking for now.
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