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Originally Posted by fireflybob View Post
Am just wondering what the thinking is behind a coded PA from the flight deck instead of a command from the flight deck to evacuate?
Has anyone done serious trials or any research on the relative merits of talking in code and keeping nervous pax in ignorance of what they are meant to do - or alternatively, in being completely overt and explaining to pax in simple terms this is what is about to happen/what has happened/what you are required to do ?

If you keep people in the dark on what they are meant to do - do not be surprised if there is considerable indeterminacy in what they do. Why not include pax in a 'CRM' type prebrief.

In this case it could have been:

"We have had a failure in one engine which is now shut down. We can fly perfectly well on one engine and will be landing in 5 minutes. There is some smoke in the cabin air from the hot shut down engine but it is not dangerous. After we land which should be a routine landing. we will stop on the runway for fire crews to check the engine. We do not expect to have to evacuate using slides but if we do - you must NOT take carry on bags with you. We can retrieve those later.

Repeated by cabin crew walking down the aircraft in the several minutes prior to landing....

Or just leave the SLF thinking the aircraft will explode into flames any second and they are next to exits they can open....
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