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So too was Air India back in 2009. Several audits by the US FAA and ICAO due an ever growing "show cause" list. They were threatened with ICAO and FAA Cat 2. Then the lobby groups kicked in and AI threatened to cancel their Boeing orders. Hey presto! FAA Cat 2 threat removed.

Now some 5 years later the FAA has acted against the Indian DGCA, at last.

My point? Where there's bureaucracy there's the potential for corruption to differing levels in all parts of the world: some more than others.

KAL or Asiana aren't ones to really boast about especially when a simple 3:1 approach cannot be handled by "experienced" Captains. CRM at KAL? Open and transparent standards? Again, some places worse than others as I mentioned.

I'd rather a stale sandwich for in flight catering and paper, scissors, rock for in flight entertainment if I KNEW that the guys up the pointy end & the FA's were of the highest standard as they / we all should. That can save my life. Sadly the travelling public relate in flight smiles to high standards of training and safety. Airlines like KAL, Asiana and Garuda are classic examples here.

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