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FR operated against EZY to Glasgow albeit from PIK for well over a decade,
there is room for both.
Yes this is true Skipness, but my point is more that easyJet makes a comparison with BA while increasingly they are competing with FR in between the same airport pairs. easyJet could in the past have avoiding comparison with FR ex PIK but now it same airports.

At a point in time there were up to 8 rotations on PIK STN by 73S's.. but that was a long time ago, and so much has changed in that time...

While there may be room for both, it is clear that easyJet are moving their STN services away increasingly. ALC has moved to SEN as have others. They are increasingly leaving STN to be the routes where FR will not enter, such as CPH Bilbao etc. So yes there is plenty of room, but easyjet may not like the yield environment up against FR.... we shall see...
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