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Snoop REPCON & Cabinet reshuffle rumour??

Kharon - Anyway no matter; once the cabinet is shuffled; he can simply revert to being irrelevant window dressing, anchoring the Qld votes before shuffling off to the nearest five star nursing home to enjoy his dotage. There to indulge in porridge dribbling, laxatives and boring witless anyone he can corner, with tales of political 'derring do'. Can't come soon enough.
Apparently there is a rumour floating around in the Cantberra MSM press scrum of a cabinet reshuffle... Caught this on the tail end of a 7:30 Leigh interview of the man with perhaps the worst job on the Govt front bench..:
Scott Morrison talks to Leigh Sales about terrorism and national security

SCOTT MORRISON: I think it's simply the transition of events. And as I said, David Irvine, as the Director-General, makes these assessments independently. These aren't decisions made by politicians. He is there to set those threat levels and that's what he has been commenting on. Now the Government has been receiving advice from our agencies about the emerging threat and we've been responding to that and we've been, I think, very upfront with the Australian people about that.

LEIGH SALES: Briefly before you go, there are rumours of a potential reshuffle in the Abbott frontbench. Are you ready to move on from Immigration?

SCOTT MORRISON: I'm totally committed to the job that I have in front of me. We have not yet fully stopped the boats, but the boats are stopping and there are the many threats across the border that I've referred to today in my speech. These matters are always for the Prime Minister to determine, but he has a very strong team and we've had a very strong year.

LEIGH SALES: Do you consider that you deserve a reward for the progress you've made in stopping the boats?

SCOTT MORRISON: To be able to be able to do what we said we'd do and get the results that we said we would get, that is the satisfaction I take from the job.

LEIGH SALES: Scott Morrison, thank you.

SCOTT MORRISON: Thanks, Leigh.
Hmm...S&M assigned to sort out the aviation imbroglio, that I would like to see as there is no denying that the man is a definite doer.. Then again he could simply decide to deport all the IOS & GWM to Manus to sort it out or be stuck there indefinitely...
As it's a 'big' move; the BRB suggested that before PAIN was turned loose and the REPCON generated, a straw pole of opinion from PPRuNe readers should be called for.
Got my vote.. Although it would be helpful if we could get a leaked version of the TSBC report before exposing to the world...

Perhaps Julian can help us out??

Hmm..anyone fluent in Mandarin...: CHINA - Sino Confidential Aviation Safety reporting System (SCASS) [2004]

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