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The Repcon system - as a weapon.

It is an inane rant that lacks any semblance of academic probity.
Sounds more like criticism of the Pooh-Shambollic CVD diatribe than of the ASR.

Because the 'industry' said 'it'; 'it' must be correct.
Valid point - Before team Truss dreamed up the ASRR (Wet Lettuce Review) to deflect and distract; there was a serious call for a 'judicial' review; to establish the facts. As arscis says, it's all hearsay and has not been tested. All seems passing strange until you realise that once any sort 'real' independent assessment of 'evidence' was made, there would be a very large, very public outcry. The wasted money alone, not to mention the carnage, the corruption and the incompetence; all proven beyond reasonable doubt would have the FAA and probably every other NAA in Australia doing audits. But, Truss won't accept that challenge, he dare not; he'll hide behind the smoke, mirrors and Machiavellian whispers, which are his preferred tools of trade.

Anyway – no matter; once the cabinet is shuffled; he can simply revert to being irrelevant window dressing, anchoring the Qld votes before shuffling off to the nearest five star nursing home to enjoy his dotage. There to indulge in porridge dribbling, laxatives and boring witless anyone he can corner, with tales of political 'derring do'. Can't come soon enough.

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BRB report:-

Good turn out last night, great ipad video of our 'John and Libby' holding hands and cooing in the front seats of a DHC8 – some people really are very naughty. The happy couple may not be front page of the Telegraph news, but they are a feature of many a ribald comment, two limericks and generally a source of great amusement to the BRB. The –U-bend Tube option was considered but voted down; the 'vision' being enjoyed far too much to share.

Once that ribald episode settled down and the last chuckles dissipated, the first main topic for discussion was what options were available to David Fawcett? Although David Fawcett is enmeshed and constrained by 'party', the consensus was that his patience must just about be exhausted. There is it seems (as we understand it) a mountain of complaint 'paperwork' against CASA, McComic and his happy little band. Too much for one man to deal with, too serious to dismiss and with no clear offer of assistance from the minuscule; a problem.

The unanimous vote went to his calling for a full dress inquiry into the mountain of complaints lodged against CASA, by a frustrated industry with nowhere else to go, but to his front door. As it's not 'his' problem, a call for an inquiry would garner solid bi-partisan support from the committee and could force an inquiry. More to follow we thought...

Item last – REPCON. The BRB were (strangely) once again unanimous. The proposal to send a REPCON to every NAA which has passengers travelling to Australia and using domestic air services was fully supported. The elements of the submission defining that there are some 60 odd, independently identified, deficiencies within the Australian system, which despite industries best efforts, the government have failed or are unwilling to address. The submission recommends that all external NAA initiate an audit process to ensure the safety of their nationals within Australian airspace. Particularly regarding insurance issues.

As it's a 'big' move; the BRB suggested that before PAIN was turned loose and the REPCON generated, a straw pole of opinion from PPRuNe readers should be called for.

So – what say you Ppruners?.. Repcon or repercussions??

Toot toot

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