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It's not sublime it's ridiculous.

Sunny –"The release of any report criticising the probity of the ATSB in the slightest will be pounced on by Russia."
A dab of mild disagreement here Sunny – the Russians are not silly, not by a long shot. Anyone who thinks that Ivan doesn't know or can't find out the brand of jocks Beaker wears or the amount of beard trims per month is deluded. I'd hazard a guess that they have respect for our 'investigators' in the field but none, whatsoever, for our ATSB management, or it's minuscule. Have a read of the MH 370 thread, the clever folk there are already fully aware of the ATSB managements' inability to find a cat, in a cathouse with a candle. ATSB is a bit player in both the MH17 and MH 370 saga.

They have, as we all do a justified faith in Houston and the MSA, but covering the antics of Beaker and tainting the integrity of the fine Canadian TSB is just plain wrong. It would be better to be seen to act; acknowledge the systematic breakdown and look to the national interest first, rather than be seen openly sneaking about the back alleys, trying to cover an open secret.

The only way to stop the sniggering going on in private is to openly admit the problem and rectify it.

Truss is making an international mockery of our Senate, our integrity and restricting our ability to act as a grown up, fully paid up member of the first tier in the aviation hierarchy.

Sunny – "You can bet that the Americans and Canadians would not like that report to be released."
Why would they give a plain or fancy fark if it gets released or not – they know already – and have done since the last FAA audit; reinforced by the Senate report, reinforced by Forsyth and defined by the TSBC. There is no secret to conceal; just ineptitude and the shame, humiliation and embarrassment that brings. Truss and his 'advisors' may be able to shrug off the shame; but it's his reputation that will be damaged along with industry when the FAA are forced to act, because he didn't.

Resign Minister, go sit in the orchestra pit with Albo and the other banjo players. Perhaps you can manage to do that right; with some semblance of honour, piety and probity..
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