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Go for the jugular - it's the only way.

From memory Clive has a CP in Australia, or at least used to. That CP would be more than familiar with the Australian aviation environment including the antics of CASA.
As for those bagging out Clive, well the big man couldn't do much worse than the other obsfucating deceptive politicians who have raped our industry bare. I say good on him Good on Clive if he has an agenda, so what, nobody else has an agenda? Please, spare the 'nobody is in it for themselves speech'. If anybody thinks Clive has no pull, then I suggest you re-visit some of the parliamentary events of the past month. Clive May shoot from the hip, let his mouth fly and put his big foot in it on occasion, but the only difference between that way of doing business and the current government is that they are simply covert and underhanded behind closed doors whereas Clive is upfront and outspoken.

The only way we will see change is if a massive load of pain is dumped on Truss's desk, the PM's desk and into the spotlight. I agree with the move to give support to Clive and any other minor party or independent that wants to gain leverage from the aviation debacle we are sick of. Bring it on! Focusing on CASA is a waste of time and only dents their armour. Time to take aim at the head and take out the Minister and PM. Hitting them in the sweet spot will hurt them, and it will force change if the damage is great enough. CASA does what it does because the Government allows it too. So it is time to target the high end of the Government and stop going after minor players like the CASA DAS or ridiculous Board.

I hope Clive has some fun planned! I would like to see the litigious big man take on CASA's LSD for a bit of entertainment Either way if Clive is smart he will know there is the potential for up to 100 000 aviation votes if he were to take the wrecking ball to CASA! Plus he would receive a lifetime IOS membership (redeemable for minerals only)

Go Clive!!
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