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Desperate measures for desperate times, I hope you really understand just what trouble the whole sector is suffering.

Any better ideas to shift Truss into action, rather than just accept the "advice" of "the department", which got us into this trouble in the first place.

As I hear it, the confidential submissions from the major airliners to the Forsyth report are just as explosive as many of the GA submissions.

This morning, I have also heard that the Ag. guys are talking to the independents and PUP, to get some action from Truss. They won't get it from CASA or Infrastructure, who are very miffed at the AAAA telling it like it is.

Tootle pip!!

PS: Why have we now got this Minister supporting Labor policies actions that are 180 degrees different to when Truss was the Minister in the Howard government, and completely contrary to his own aviation policy. This is "capture" by the bureaucrats that even Sir Humphrey Appleby would applaud.

PS: I gather that one of Clive's aircraft has been thoroughly done over by CASA, and he is not happy --- anybody with any further information.
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