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Unfit for Flying..

It is coming to an end of my Cathay Pacific Cadet dream;

I will miss all the sleepless night, dreams about the interviews, dream about become a pilot, woke myself up answering how to correct a Dutch Roll.

My hand will shake in the morning by thinking of which captain I would meet at stage 2 and how harsh will the HR push me. I will miss all the books, knowledge I have read.

I will miss going to interview at Cathay City, especially 6th floor. I will miss all the study groups. I will miss all my hand writing notes... I will miss everything in this journey.

Thank you for all the old friends and new friend, especially someone whom only met me for 2 seconds on the 6th floor waiting area and gave me tons of important information,
thank you for all the support from by best friends, special friends, thank you for all the people I have met during this 6 months, it has been a great journey, without any of you I would never made it this far, and of course thanks for everyone that DON’T want to share their information, you all inspired me and motivated me. Thank You.

I wish I can join all of you at FTA, but not everything in this world is under your control, I am going to medical and ICAO tomorrow and I see no hope of passing the color test, and at 3pm tomorrow, it will be the end of my journey with a stamp “unfit for flying”.

It felt like a dream, I wish I will never wake up from it, but I guess All Good Things Come to an End. I have come so far, so close..

To all still in the dream, keep going, never stop until the last second, wish you all the best!

Last, thank you PPRuNe, I found about 10 threads has useful information in these 300 pages, so if you want to pass your stage 2, turn off your computer.

Fly high cadets!
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