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Tony draper said
There were probably a few people up and down the ladder who would have liked to have spilled the beans, but whistle blowers are not treated well in this land of ours, despite all the bollix to the contrary, the black mark would have followed them for the rest of their lives along with the probability of powerful people going all out to destroy their credibility by any means to hand, and the chances of any kind of continuing life in their chosen career skittled.
Understand that.

But what about the parents of the 1400 victims ??

Surely didn't only know about the crimes from the reports, what about the parents, didn't anyone go directly to the Police and report a crime ?

Surely the Police would have to investigate something like this being reported and surely if more than once, you'd get someone who took an interest ?

How can a Police force totally IGNORE two reports of this activity and do nothing. Surely it didn't just say one rape but said hundreds of them.
How can a Police ignore this ?

After all, Tash said they have targets to meet, surely busting something this big would be good on the CV ?

Or was it a case of, "oh shyte, this has been going on on my watch for years, better hide it until I leave" ?????

Any comment ?
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