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Originally Posted by 500N View Post
It gets worse. In that link, the PCC was "PCC Shaun Wright was responsible for children's services at Rotherham Council from 2005 to 2010." So not only is he now PCC but was in charge of the children during that time!
I think that says a great deal about the state of local government in this country. Jobs in the public sector seem to be handed out by local party hacks to their own activists as a reward for good behavior or to return a favour rather than on the basis of competency or experience. And these people then just seem to circulate round local government from one juicy sinecure to another. It never ceases to amaze me the heights to which such utterly useless oxygen thieves are able to rise within the system. And of course, when they do eventually get caught out they’re able to depart with generous payoffs, full pensions etc.

Perhaps the time has come to charge some of the people who knew, or at least had a very good idea what was going on, with conspiracy to rape or to traffic children. If some of these people began to understand that they might actually be accountable for their decisions, to the extent that they might end up in jail, then maybe they'll be a bit more careful.
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