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did you mean that CASA somehow forced the ATSB to put in that little plug for the new CAO 48.1?

It didn't seem to be particularly out of place as ATSB commentary, although they, consistent with their best Pel-air efforts, did not comment on the reduced rest provision that CASA put in there after dumping any restrictions on the following duty!
Totally agree it didn't seem out of place at all and it is entirely appropriate for the regulator to add such comment.. Plus by design, the MoU and convention the bureau allow DIPs to comment.

My point is that until very recently unless FF were the actual addressee of the SR/SI they were very loathe to add much in the way of commentary. Also prior to the PelAir debacle if FF were the addressee a large part of their responses was spent arguing the toss on the SR/SI , followed by years of delays, excuses etc..etc. So the response & involvement in AO-2013-010-SI-01 is not SOP for the regulator of old, that is all I'm saying...

ps As for the thread drift into the debate on FRMS/CAO 48.1 and Senator Xenophon's long running campaign on the matter, well that is probably best left to discuss on the Senate thread. For now back to thread topic and I heard a whisper (all rumour of course..) that there will be a significant announcement coming out of the miniscule's office very soon...

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