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Muddy waters, too thin to plough, too thick to drink.

I'm no longer certain the minuscule can tie his boot laces without makeup and medication let alone face down the 'Iron Rong' or escape from the clutches of the murky Machiavellian crew.

Qantas and Virgin are centre stage next week distracting the media and industry. There will never be a better time for a sneaky, low key announcement of the Rong DAS being appointed and of a soft white paper emerging; neatly hidden within the Qantas white noise.

Of the two remaining candidates there is only one serious contender; but the GWM don't want a bar of either a reform DAS or the reforms. There is enormous resistance, much subtle and some not so subtle pressure on Truss to renege on promises and dilute the process down to an Albo style of white paper and engage the department's Rong selection. Will he back down again is the big question? Can the Abbott government afford another broken promise is probably a bigger question; for without doubt if Truss drops the ball, that's what it will be. Aviation may be insignificant, but a broken promise in the hands of the opposition, even a small one can and will be used against.

The potential for damage to industry, particularly in rural electorates is immense. Truss is supposed to be National, Rural and to care for his constituents. When aviation crumbles, as it must, for it can no longer limp along as it does now; it will be the bush that suffers most. If Truss drops the ball will he be gifting his seat to the opposition or worse Palmer or even a green thing. Not many votes in aviation eh? – not until the opposition start working on another failure of the Abbott government promises.

Put the aviation industry first:-

Think of the millions saved and the millions brought in by a healthy robust industry.

Think of the international kudos for Truss and Australia; for people overseas know exactly how much shite the industry is in.

Please note: We pay for the service CASA provides; not the bloated bloody plutocrats blocking the changes. Man up, deep breath, support the reform, give the job to the right bloke and for once, do the right bloody thing; provide the changes which are expected and the reforms which are demanded.


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