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I'm a new joiner on the PPY50 contract, my take home is currently better than my previous only because of the day off working payments topping it off each month (overall the package is superior!). I've been fortunate enough to have been offered quite a handful, without them then first year income isn't the best, so trying to forecast the coming winter months this is potentially where the pinch will be felt, less flight/duty pay and probably very little day off payments to offer. I could be wrong if there's a busy flying schedule! A handful of the new joiners are heading to Canada this winter on full time and additional payments, so opportunitys are present if you have flex.

Ideally I would've liked the OCC costs paid back after X years service if the sole reason for the payment is to mitigate risk.

As for the skippers, all great, had an old school Britianna guy for the sims, one of the best blokes I've met so far!

Sorry to say for anyone who just falls shy of the recency/hours requirements, an email went out this morning highlighting that if you don't meet the criteria then your application will be ignored.

In short I think it's one of the best jobs in the UK.
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