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From the 26 May 2014 Estimates hearing of the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee
Mr McCormick: I will ask our Acting Executive Manager, Aerodromes and Airspace Regulation Division, Ms Cheryl Allman, to give you the full picture.

Ms Allman: I have asked Mr Rick Leeds, Acting Executive Manager of Standards, to accompany me as this is a regulatory development project, particularly around the narrow runways. So I might defer to his expertise. He might, with your permission, be able to answer your question better.

Senator FAWCETT: Thank you. Mr Leeds?

Mr Leeds: As has been pointed out, we currently have a standards development project underway to amend Civil Aviation Regulation 235A which goes to aircraft performance, specifically as it relates to operations on narrow runways. What we are trying to do is separate the responsibilities. It is not an aerodrome issue per se; it is an issue for the operators and the aircraft and the performance of those aircraft operating on those runways. As the director has pointed out, we are talking to manufacturers of aircraft, like SAAB, and the development of aircraft flight manual supplements that support the performance of those aircraft. Where those flight manual supplements exist, then the operation of those aircraft can continue on those runways.

Senator FAWCETT: Where is that process at? If the community want to know, what certainty do they have that the only service to their part of a fairly remote bit of South Australia is going to continue?

Mr Leeds: My understanding is that we are about to write to the aerodrome operator at Coober Pedy to give him the assurance that the NPRM process is just about finished. We should be releasing the amended CAR 235A that makes it very clear what the operator's responsibilities are concerning having the flight manual supplements that support the operation of the aircraft on the narrow runways. Again, we have been talking to the manufacturers. They are keen to get involved to produce the documentation. We do not envisage that there will be any interruption to services to Coober Pedy .
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