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I do sincerely hope that the new director of aviation safety (a nonsense concept if ever there was one) is a Canadian.

Break the bullshit australian way of embuggerated regulation by experts and bring in some "lets get it working again" sensible logic.

from my perspective the canadians have learnt lessons that the rest of the world have yet to realise.

canadian owner maintenance. brilliant concept.

provision to decertify a privately owned aircraft and maintain it on a stand alone basis. brilliant concept.

much of CAsA's problems lie in trying to enforce the nonsense of "Certification" on a population that can well understand aviation and don't need certifying of anything that is successful.
it has cost CAsA millions in lost law suits all because of the stupid way it persists in trying to do business.

imposition of wills arguments will never work in our egalitarian society.
far better to follow the canadian example and do what the people want.

in fact a read of canadian legislation shows it to have items unique to snow operations that would not be applicable here in australia.
but here is the rub.
if we introduced the canadian regulations in this country as a straight replacement of the voluminous garbage that CAsA has created there would be no actual impediment on safety. a great chunk of the regulations would be no less irrelevant than the garbage we have been dished up with to date.

can we have some sanity in this country or do I need to emigrate?
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