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It's a tragedy that people have been going on in this forum and other threads for years as to what has/is/will go wrong with these people in charge.
Unfortunately nothing will change.
Remember these people don't give a flying about you, your career, or your family. The executive mantra is simple, they believe in one thing only...themselves and should anyone suggest their failings, they will be removed from qantas quick smart. Tow the line or get the boot.
This week I'm predicting the following lines to be reiterated ad nauseam.....
Qantas is facing tough trading conditions, weak australian dollar, strong australian dollar, volatility in the fuel price, higher fuel prices, tough decisions have to be made, cost cutting initiatives, turning the business around, legacy conditions,
lower cost competitors, less maintenance, safety is our number one priority, difficult decisions, jetstar promising to deliver, improving engagement, the unions ...blah blah blah. Please add as you deem fit.
And guess what......Nothing will change.
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