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Lampshades are not haute couture.

It's always the same story with newbee's. Mate, lampshades are only de riguer for initiation pow wow's and the like; but not for 'darts and debate' evenings (D&D). A D&D indaba is much more a 'pipe and slippers' sort of event; pints and the gentle plunk of a well thrown dart, gently applauded as it hits the nominated mark (a miss costs points). Occasionally (and I think TB has sparked one) debates require a hard hat and Wellie's, we managed to outlaw stumps, cricket bats and billiard cues, but sometimes well, 'nuff said.

The McComic legacy, the left over tenets of fear, intimidation, twisted law, emasculated operations departments and the removal of those that actively 'enforced', by fair means or foul the McComic diatribe will also need some attention; deeply ensconced and cunning as they are. Plenty of willing hands but Truss has the shovels locked away.

W8 has raised one topic which, if we go with reforms will require all the tact and cunning the 'advisory' panel can muster; it's a hot topic and the 'sides' have very strong arguments, pro and con. 'The only means of compliance black letter' or; 'Not the only means of compliance but our advice is....etc'. A pot boiler.

Then there is the unholy Part 61 to consider; although it seems the vast majority favour a public burning of the thing and unspeakable 'things' done to the 'inventors'. NZ part 61 for ever (with slight modification) seem to be in favour.

The Canadian report sitting in the Truss in-tray may be released by the appointed time; although a digestion period will be required and any response must be tempered with the decisions Truss makes and the new DAS must be considered, before any worthwhile discussion of that little 'ugly spot' is possible. The Senate MoP may yet alter the whole thing, again.

Aye there's a whole load of work to do; if Truss ever delivers the lumber and the nails turn up that is; meanwhile darts and limericks seem to the only pastime for the BRB to pursue; there are always rugby songs to help while away the time. "Why are we waiting, oh why, oh why".

Toot toot....
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