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McComic 5th column; Fart or Friction..

TB # -"What will be the departing angry man Mr Mc Comic's legacy be?"
BRB last evening ostensibly a preparatory meeting for cricket team selection and an international darts challenge; seems some Canadians fancy their chances; we shall see. A non related topic of conversation led to your question being examined, if not answered. It kicked off with the Tiger mess and devolved into a discussion of 'modern chief pilots'. A fair few of the guys have, shall we say, a passing knowledge of the GA world and how it wags and their input presented an 'interesting' point of view. Got nowhere near a majority vote; but they are still 'chewing on it' the CASA generated Fifth Column.

In short the argument goes like this; in the quest for compliance with some of the darker/sillier/whimsical, not applicable edicts of NFI-FOI, the 'traditional' CP types who will (would) send them packing with an earful have been 'overlooked' in favour of the Casaphile type who will either take the least line of resistance or gratefully accept and execute whatever Inutile or dubious proposal as 'the gospel'. Gee whiz, there were a lot of anecdotes to support the proposition; I do mean a lot.

The antagonists have demanded 'proof' positive of the protagonists; so I dare say the phones and Skype will run hot as it's a tricky thing to support, we shall see. But it's a tempting proposition. A long hard look at the hand selected, McComic anointed golden circle shows a definite 'type' in favour. It sort of makes sense that like would seek like all mates together. One fellah rattled off the names of half a dozen 'shoo ins' for CP jobs who had been rejected, some, even busted down to a lower license etc and an equal number of names which, perhaps, it is kinder to say would not stand a chance in a sane world.

More to follow on this; being neutral I'll probably end up refereeing; but, the Bankstown chronicles have been requested in the interests of a 'balanced' argument. This could end up a very interesting debate, considering other matters in play at the moment.

Thorny, you should now have the date for the next indaba, be a good night and seeing as you framed the question, you'd better get there to see what you started. Bring your darts and wallet.

Toot toot.

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