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It shouldn't really make any difference whether you have a GFPT or not.

All the GFPT did was give the instructor who authorised a student pilot to carry passengers have a defence against being prosecuted under CAR 5.72 and give longer times between check rides.

It is not even mentioned in the ATOM or the current PPL flight test form and doesn't give any exemptions in the PPL test.

In fact the GFPT form only complied with the current Day VFR Syllabus units very recently, so effectively was not measured against it, something I brought up with CASA a few times.

You don't have to apply for an RPL, just go straight through to PPL ie have the hours and the competencies required and pass the PPL test.

You can't "directly swap" a GFPT for an RPL as there are competencies for the RPL that were not tested at GFPT level, and you need to do a flight review.

What happens if I hold a student pilot licence and have passed a GFPT?
From 1 September 2014 you will be entitled to an RPL and appropriate aircraft category and class ratings. You have until 31 August 2018 to convert your old licence to a Part 61 licence.

To apply for an RPL you will need to complete an application form (this will be available on the CASA website prior to the commencement of the new regulations). You will also need to complete a flight review for an aircraft class rating before you can fly an aircraft of that class using your RPL.

If you are transferring across to an RPL you will need to be aware of additional responsibilities including making decisions about your own flights (for example flight planning, go and no-go decisions and fuel planning), ensuring your aircraft is airworthy prior to flight and reporting airworthiness and safety issues and occurrences. If you already hold a flight radiotelephone operator licence you will be granted the flight radio endorsement under your new RPL licence.

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