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What will be the departing angry man Mr Mc Comic's legacy be?

We know his arrogance and demeanour rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, alienated most of the industry, and put CAsA at odds with those they regulated.

Just what did he achieve in the time he presided as the DAS? other than sociapathic toxisity spread throughout his organisation, and a pathalogic race among his minions to see who can do the most damage to the industry. I think the Bankstown/Sydney warren is streets ahead, closely followed by Far North QLD.

From my experience, people involved in the commercial side of aviation are a fairly conservative lot, in fact I think that statement probably applies to most people involved in aviation across the board, it takes a lot to get them riled.

The GA sector in particular is generally too busy trying to stay afloat than devote time to really examine, digest and form an opinion on anything until its too late and change is forced upon them.

Will that be McComics legacy?

Through his arrogance he presided over the destruction of the Australian aviation industry?

Its hard to find an aviation association, magazine or web sight that doesnt contain concern and criticism of CAsA and their "Reformed regulation", yet Minister "WUSS" ignores the evidence, ignores the industry and ignores the advice from the very inquiry he instigated as well as the Senate of this nation.

Will history show that Mr McComic was the most powerful person in the land. More powerful than our Parliament, our prime minister or any of our courts. Where his officers could snub their noses at us all and operate freely without fear of sanction?

At the end of this month Part 61 will be upon us, inflicting more regulatory burden and confusion. With it, indeterminate cost burdens on an industry already buckling, and very soon, Part 135 which should just about finish the job.

No doubt, Mr McComic will crow that he made Australia the safest place on the planet for aviation.That will be because there is no aviation in this country.

Part 61 will export most of our flying training to NZ, maintenance will die because there will be nothing to maintain.

Minister WUSS, or someone who is awake in the Guv'mint, have a look across the Tasman!! The Kiwi's are leaving us for dead!!

I think I recall big, cigar chomping Joe mentioning how he admired what the Kiwi's were achieving.

Hey Joe, make sure you reserve the funds to massively subsidise assential services when the McComic legacy comes to fruition. Getting close now!

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