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Very much agree with 500N

Watching the TV news on Friday, I thought very much the same - sad posturing and flag waving from Britain - very little practical the UK can do right now that will seem to affect this. There is little America needs from us at all.
We haven't got the capability to muster large numbers of transport aircraft to drop supplies to the people in need. We haven't got bases to attack from ISIS from and the structure is no longer there for this sort of operation.

American bombing raids are being conducted by F18 fighter bombers from aircraft carriers in the Gulf.
UK government spokesman said we wouldn't be committing anything or anyone to a combat role.
Posting boxes of tea bags and "get well soon" cards would commence after the 5pm collection on Monday 11th August, he might have added, for all the help we will be.
Just as well because everything the west has done, in recent years, seems to have been a disaster for somebody else later on. Iraq, Afghanistan,Syria and Libya are now violent basket cases partly thanks to our servile support of American planning and policies over many years.
Everywhere I look, we seem to have ****** up, massively.
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