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Where to go after Private Pilot License Training


I am in the process of deciding where to complete my PPL training, yet before I make any decisions on where to invest my money I first wanted to find out what routes may be available to achieve a CPL or job with an airline through a Cadetship scheme or otherwise. I know it may seem pessimistic to look at it in this way but I have to face the harsh reality that its an expensive and lucrative path to becoming an airline pilot.

I have a massive interest in Aviation itself and have completed a degree in Aviation Technology in DIT. I have also just completed my Class 1 medical and feel that before age becomes a major factor I need to start pushing on with my training as I am now 22 and may have another few years training to do before I reach the top of the ladder.

I have checked a number of Cadetship Programmes, looked at the possibility of entering the Air Corps and also achieving a PPL and then looking to join a company such as West Atlantic. I just want to know that if these options fail me can I do anything else to reach the eventual goal???

Many thanks to all in advance!!
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