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Shucks, don't blame me. I only hire legal folks!

It's not lawns that are the issue in my neighborhoods outside D.C.

They speak Arabic and they are growing so fast it's taking over entire communities outside DC. Bagels are no longer sold in certain supermarkets in certain neighborhoods. All of the signs on the stores, restaurants and the various office block developments all sport signs in Arabic.

Years ago when Israel was in trouble, American presidents could express unbridled support because the US always supported Israel financially and politically because among other reasons they had a strong political base in the US who contributed to elections.

Now? I'm not surprised Obama is trying to walk down the middle. The Arab constituency in the US has grown exponentially very quickly. It would be political suicide to try to take the all-Israel stance in this day and age and win elections--especially a few months before the midterms.

There is going to have to be a lot of cow towing to Arab interests with the way the middle eastern pro-Arab populations are growing in the U.S. And there are more Muslim African arrivals in my neighborhood than populate the entire of Nigeria!

American politicians will no longer have an easy choice when speaking in public about Israel, as they did before when it was presumed the electorate and wealthy contributors supported Israel....

I've never thought Obama favored Arab issues because he has personal preferences--I've always presumed it was his political advisors who analyze demographic data informing his choices.
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