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ten percent (10%) to twenty five percent (25%) of all Muslims are terrorists, that means that 160 million to 300 million are terrorists.
What utter and obvious stupidity.

Taking perthsaint's tack, If there are 160 million terrorists and they live an average of 80 years each (which is clearly an overestimate) and each commit one terrorist act in their lifetime then that's 2 million attacks per year, which is almost 5,500 per day.

Let's concentrate on the US. Total population is about 300m, of which 0.8% are Muslim. Let's assume 1% for ease of calculation. That makes 3m Muslims, of which 300,000 to 750,000 are terrorists (your 10-25% above). Assuming 80 year life expectancy and just one act per person that's 3,750-9,375 per year.
Now let's look at the real data (there is a link to the Global Terrorism Database itself there for those who mistrust the Grauniad). From 1970-2011 (excluding 1993, for some reason) there were 2,631 acts for 40 years of data, which equates to ~66 attacks per year. Given that 3,750 attacks equated to 300,000 terrorists we can reasonably say that 66 attacks equates to 5,280 terrorists each committing one attack over an 80 year period, which is 0.005% of the Muslim population.
But, says you, it's a recent problem, so that early data isn't relevant. Ok, so let's look at 2001 to 2011, which covers the period we are particularly interested in. There were 207 attacks over that 10 year period (ibid.), which is 20.7 per year. That's right: fewer. So our more recent and relevant data shows that those 20.7 attacks per year equates to 1,656 terrorists each committing one attack over an 80 year period, which is 0.0016% of the Muslim population.
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