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MAJOR NEWS OUT OF ISRAEL: It was an errant Hamas rocket that hit the UN school, ooooops
UNRWA has admitted that a Hamas misfired rocket hit a U.N.-run school in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, according to Channel 2?s Ehud Ya’ari, but an errant IDF artillery shell also may have hit the facility, where Gaza sources claim an estimated 17 children and United Nations personnel were killed and 200 others were wounded Thursday afternoon.
Now waiting for the main stream media outlets world wide to come forth with this information on their regular new broadcasts, wonder how long I will have to wait?

And the idea that a missile and a shell, both errant, should arrive on the same target at the same time is just nonsense. Once again the Hamas terrorists were using a school to launch their missiles, knowing the retaliation would be swift, no doubt the missile operatives did a runner.

You will find my sisters that following the abduction of the 3 boys, Israel killed 10 Palestinians and arrested up to 600 more looking for the perpetrators. That was the start of the conflict.

The conflict was inevitable, Hamas were planning an all out attack on Israel to coincide with a major Jewish festival, using their tunnels, Israeli intelligence knew this and preempted it.
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