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Another MP rorter with his hand in the public piggy bank bites the dust...again.
He was a very bi-partisan rorter; National, Independent, Liberal, Independent allied to Labor and lastly Palmer United Party (albiet for seven hours). This says something about his political integrity, which would appear to match his personal integrity. It will be interesting to see what the sentence is.
Peter Slipper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And in completely apolitical news, meet Australia's toughest koala.
Koala survives rough ride on car grille

Timberwolf for PM!

EDIT: Traffic, another interesting article. I thought the following quote made a point:
Perhaps life for my Aboriginal ancestors (the Bundjalung people of what is now northern NSW) had its good points prior to invasion, just as European life around 5,000 BC couldn't have been all bad ... though nobody seems to miss that particular lifestyle much or yearn to have it back.
Over the years I've worked with various people with Indigenous heritage, though none of them made a big fuss about it. Several of them didn't 'look' Indigenous (although on a rough count, two were 50/50, two more were 75/25 and one was 100% TI, although he looked vaguely Hispanic) and it was only after getting to know them that their heritage became apparent. While there are people out there milking the race card, IME there are many more people out there doing their thing without making much of a fuss. All power to them.

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