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Wiggy, .........what do you predict for someone joining BA now? (With the caveat it is just your informed opinion - and the same request to any of the other BA employees who contribute). 10 years as an FO on A320, no life style, 20 years+ to command and none of the perks of yesteryear? Strong potential to be sidelined into a franchise/ separate AOC/ regionalised? I'm afraid I don't back this company as the golden egg it once was - it's a fine career, not a great career.
Yes, something like that, though I'd guess at more than 10 years as an FO on the 320 at LHR.

There are certainly heavy hints that Shorthaul must do better ....or else ( and since IAG call the shots I guess you can work out what some people are worried about).

Lifestyle - we're in the middle of a major shake up of our scheduling agreement - what we will end up with is anyone's guess but I'm sure it will still be called "Bidline"...

As for perks, well frankly the profit share this year was regarded as being p. poor...

I certainly know one or two of my short haul colleagues who moved to BA from a Major LoCo are now wondering if they did the right thing. That said I'm sure LC will never be short of applicants.

( who as a line pilot is struggling to see how/why somebody brought Masons into the debate, maybe that's a Waterside thing )

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