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Yep was supposed to be a low key detachment but to remind the Spanish we were there, I was there when the border opened and the Det Boss I seem to remember decided to join in so put up some Jags, needless to say people in high places nearly choked on their lunch when it was on the news....
Highlights of Gib, trying to get in with the place out of limits, nearly hit the rock and crash alarm pressed, night on the Algarve.....the naked ninja wrecking the police bar, 2 Guys going straight back on the trooper they arrived on (after asking a cleaner in the NAAFI what she thought of this while flashing her, not a lot apparently and neither did her RAFP hubby ) sgt with the call out beeper who having been on the beer with us at lunchtime said he would have one more, so we left to change, arrived back in same bar at 10 pm to find him passed out on the stairs, beeper still clipped to his belt.

There are pictures of the dets on the 14sqn association site.

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