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Did a stint on the Jag Det in Gib in 1985. They had recently stopped flying them in and out from the duty squadron and 3 aircraft were permanently based there. They had various old sqn markings so we painted them out and replaced them with G, I and B on the fins and nose doors. Flew with live armed HE rounds and had a go at splash for the first time. Can't remember what the readiness was but it must have been daylight only and we had 3 'QRA' ex-stn bikes, all painted red and white I seem to remember.

I can't recall the Jags being deployed in response to anything specific, I was under the impression that they had taken over from the Hunter det.

It was a great mess at Western Beach but over the next few visits the bar went out to tender (NAAFI) and a security fence was put up on the patio. Later it became tri-service and then became the Sgts mess, officers being consigned to HMS Rooke.
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