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You don't have to make the decision upfront.

If unsure, simply enrol in the UNSW Aviation Management degree to start with, then spend some time visiting both Basair and the UNSW flying School in your first semester.

Then you can either stay in the Management Stream and fly with Basair, or transfer to the Flying Stream.

Just because the apparent upfront cost of flying training as published appears less does not mean that you will end up by paying less in total. In some cases fees are 'hidden" or the fees mentioned only cover the very minimum of training hours, and exclude many other costs. In addition, the effectiveness and consistency of instructors can make a big difference to the quality of your training, the flight hours you spend to meet standards and your capabilities on completing your training. Perhaps this is not a good analogy, but a Lada and a BMW are both licensed to drive on roads, but....
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