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John Hill
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Nah! No one wants to come to NZ, best to stay well away from here it is such a terrible place!

All those little houses where tenants got the option on continuing to pay rent or buy the property. Even if you were not living in a 'State House' you could do what we did and get a mortgage from the state to build our first house, miserable little shack it was too with a depressing view..

.....yes, it even had a little garden shed (just like all the ones in the old picture I posted).

We also have roads in NZ, roads you can drive on every day without destroying your car. Except in Christchurch,

..... but they are different around there being very Anglican.

We may be socialists but we are very special socialists and we dont let just anyone join. It has always been that way but some people sought to take advantage and demanded that they be allowed entry rather than asking permission, we dont like that sort of shyte and told the US Navy to far cough. They have been sniffing around again lately trying to be all palesy-walsey again inviting us to go play at their place but it will never be the same again.
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