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Before you draw a line in the sand you must satisfy 4 conditions:
You must be able to do what you threaten.

You must be willing to do what you threaten.

You must understand the consequences.

You must be willing to accept the consequences.
Agreed, and I understand point one is physically, but it it should really be swapped around with point two. In the last several conflicts, the west is hasn't been able to do what it threatened, or was severely limited by the willing part.

As I said, the toys are just one part of the equation.

And how much did we invest in Iraq only to not walk, but run away, led by Barry Obama, the part- Kenyan trackstar?
Beat me to it.

If China makes a South China Sea move via arms, watch how Barry reacts. I bet Japan will not be amused.
Thats what worries me, the whole thing is a game, with particular players continuously looking for advantage. With the present spineless one in the White house, I think there will be a lot of discussion in Beijing on what opportunity's to take advantage of, and there consequence's.
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