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New tell-all book reveals how RAF shot down UFO in 1974

This is a good one!
LONDON: Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots shot down a UFO that was threatening Britain and Whitehall covered it up, according to a new book "The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed", penned by Sven Sven Lumley.

Lumley claims that soldiers took the wreckage to be analyzed at a secret location after the alien craft was blasted out of the sky over north Wales in 1974, Daily Star reported.

According to Lumley, government officials hushed up the incident for fear of causing immense public alarm.

Kellett asserted that dozens of witnesses that night watched a glowing orb on the mountainside.

The investigator claimed that three UFOs were spotted over the Irish Sea in 1974.

Kellett added that out of the three UFOs, one headed towards the Berwyn Mountains, when it was shot down by missiles from RAF jets and then crashed at Llandderfel.

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