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Originally Posted by Courtney
Something to look forward to! Hopefully for most, it will just be enough to see the F-35. What "unique aspects" that the Harrier couldn't do?
There's me looking forward to an energetic QRA takeoff ... rotating at the end of the runway and departing vertical on a full AB plume ... levelling off at FL Nose Bleed ... then returning for a few very Fast Passes with plenty of G in the horizontal turns ... followed by some nice Inverted Flight down the runway CL. Forget car alarms ... I was hoping for plenty of local structural damage ... greenhouses getting airborne and enough noise to clear the earwax out of the anti-mil-low-flying NIMBY community.

So looking a bit disappointing then

You have to give "Godders" a thought though ... It must be difficult to be our F-35 Desk Officer and please everyone when undertaking a milestone event like this.
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