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People, its simple.
The likes of Clifford and Joyce will always blame someone or something, never themselves, for their failures.
International is currently rooted and now you are seeing the demise of domestic side of the business, which up until recently could almost be guaranteed to produce a $500 mill profit.
Combine that with their need for consultants to be employed as "change managers" (bain boston and whoever else is in on this band wagon) and also the continued belief that management requires a bonus scheme to attract the "right people" and you have these results.
The recovery is simple.
Every Consultant project on the floor is stopped.
The executive bonus scheme in any form, i.e. short term and long term incentive plan is stopped and never returned in any ugly form. Salaried positions from the top down.
The continued mirroring of Qantas and Jetstar services domestically is stopped.
The immediate need for international aircraft orders to right the ship.
Get the ceo's of boeing and airbus on the phone now, we need to talk.
Call in the heads of all the unions, we need to talk.
Number one priority is flying people safely from a to b in decent equipment and feeding said passengers.
No need for town hall meetings at the campus, with the happy clappers marching down the street, nor the need for the glossy brochures pinned up in every crew room talking up some nett promoter score bs or how important our people are.
And whilst I'm at it, No need for the ceo to be in canberra with cap in hand asking for assistance, when all the problems can be placed at his and the boards feet.
Will it happen? Of course not, because its not Leigh or Alan's fault!
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