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Interesting Qantas is cancelling Tasman flights due to "peaks and troughs" When Qantas is in a seasonal trough, it is due to light leisure travellers as business travellers generally only fall off over Xmas. This would mean Qantas is essentially a "leisure" traveller carrier.

What is also interesting is Qantas is reducing its schedule in October? This is due to lights loads, I'm guessing because of a lack of leisure travellers. The month of October generally isn't a trough? The really interesting thing is Jetstar is picking up those flights? Go figure, a leisure carrier picking up flights that are light due to a trough in leisure travellers.

What I'm trying to get at is, why would you replace your premium carrier when leisure loads are light with a leisure carrier only? It doesn't make sense? What's also interesting is both the AKL-ADL and AKL-CNS Jetstar services have been canned as they were a flop and failed. They won't let Qantas try these routes as Qantas management claim these routes to be leisure routes, Air New Zealand servicing these routes would claim not. If Qantas serviced these routes they would be the only carrier with business class giving them an advantage. Qantas has just proved with the Tasman reschedule the loads are light due to light leisure demand. Hence my point about Qantas being a leisure carrier. It's not only a leisure carrier, but a premium leisure and business carrier.

This is the current Qantas strategy, expand Jetstar, shrink Qantas. The more they expand Jetstar, the more they upset their loyal pax that will take their business elsewhere.

I think you will see a slow takeover of most Qantas services on the Tasman by Jetstar with the odd Tasman flight flown by Qantas. Emirates will fly the rest of the business traveller, what ever business traveller left over who is not peeved off with the lack of Qantas services will transfer their business to Air New Zealand.

Great strategy Qantas, you should all work in Air New Zealand's marketing department!
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